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Single Rider – Limited Load Trips

How many Mammoth trips do you take per year?


Well that depends. If you have a jet, your own $1,000,000 rental, an open schedule and bags of money, however many times you want. Easy.

But If you’re like the majority of people – it’s probably less than 5 times. Less than 8 times for you iKon passholders.




Besides the cost, planning a ski trip can be difficult and time-consuming.

First, you have to look for a place – and they’re not cheap. Which means, you’ll probably have to call a few buddies, convince them to go, and then pick the perfect days that work for everyone.

Then there’s the drive with stunning views – and honestly, probably the easiest road conditions you’ll ever face getting to a ski resort. Unless there’s a blizzard of course.


Fun fact: Legend has it Mammoth Mountain founder, Dave McCoy, rode in with skis strapped to his Harley. What a bad*ss. R.I.P.


But it is over 300 miles away from Los Angeles. So… who’s taking the first shift? Not it.


Oh yeah, don’t forget to pray to the weather gods, and hope that the weekend you planned your trip, you have perfect snow conditions.


Yeah, sounds like a piece of cake.


Really, how many times have you missed out on epic snow dumps, because plans fell through? Because rooms were too expensive, or were they even available?


Talk about #FOMO.


“I’ll catch the next one.” Yeah, right.


When plans fall through, or rooms get expensive – don’t let that stop you from going to Mammoth Mountain, the best ski, and snowboarding, conditions you’ll find in California – and arguably, the world.


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to make it easy?

Something that made it easy and convenient, while saving you money…


Well look no further – Introducing our 1-Day Ski Trip to Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.


What’s part of the trip:

  • Round trip transportation
  • Free Breakfast and Coffee
  • And an uninterrupted 8 hour session carving, shredding, and if you’re like me – falling.


And the best part is, you sleep in your own bed at night.


This trip is designed for:

  • Quick and easy weekend ski trips!
  • iKon pass-holders, get your money’s worth!
  • When there are no rooms available!


Features and Benefits:

  • Each bus offers a comfortable ride with plenty of legroom.
  • You sleep while we drive.
  • Save thousands each each season!
  • Ride more often, turn pro. (think big right?)


Simple to Use

  1. Find a Pick Up Location Near You
  2. Meet us at the location (on time please)
  3. Enjoy a day a Mammoth
  4. We bring you back safely


Take Your Riding to the Next Level!


They say the key to success is repetition. Or was it 10,000 hours? In any case, when you come more often – you’ll get better, and then you won’t have panic attacks, on the Gondola ride,  next time your friends convince you to do something you shouldn’t do. Anyone have this memory?


How Much?


$99 – $109 for the round trip ticket!

That’s 45% cheaper than room costs + gas!


Click BUY TICKETS and you’ll be carving like a pro and landing those gnarly tricks in no time!


Unless you have bills like I do, and would rather just enjoy riding and the beautiful scenery.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’d like to cancel, or you need to change your reservation – you’ll be refunded. No questions asked!


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